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Cummington Primary Results

Posted on 09/09/22

Click here for PDF of Cummington's primary election resdults....


2022 Vote by Mail Application Form

Posted on 08/23/22

This application must reach your local election office by 5 pm on the fifth business day before Election Day. Click here for application.

State Primary Deadline: August 29, 2022

State Election Deadline: November 1, 2022...


IT Procedure for Adding or Removing Personnel

Posted on 08/23/22

The operating procedure to add (onboard) or remove (offboard) a Town of Cummington committee member, board member or employee is as follows:

On Boarding (New Personnel)

Department head should: 

1. Inform the designated IT person in writing with the name and contact information of the new person. 

2.Indicate what level ...


Part Time Help Wanted

Posted on 07/29/22

Help Wanted

The Town of Cummington is looking for someone to handle outdoor and some indoor maintenance of two of our municipal buildings. Position to pay $15 an hour and to be filled as soon as possible. Responsibilities would include:

Snow removal of sidewalks, ramps and doorways

Roof snow raking...

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Cummington Conservation Commission

Member Title Phone Term Start Term End
Sarah Fournier-Scanlon
Robert Arbib
Nathan Buckhout
John Burns
John Bye
Lucille Fandel
Gerald Howes


Meeting times: Board meets first Monday of every month from May until October at 7 PM in the Community House. Public Hearings and other meetings scheduled as needed.
Term: Appointed by the Selectboard for 3 years
Compensation: None


The Cummington Conservation Commission is charged with enforcing the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. The law protects not only wetlands, but other resource areas, such as land open to flooding (100 year flood plains), the riverfront area (added by the rivers protection act), and land under water bodies and waterways. The Con Comm is also responsible for upholding the Westfield Rivers’ Wild and Scenic designation. The main objective of all of the legislation/acts is protection of the Town’s precious water resources.

The law regulates many types of work in resource areas, including vegetation removal, regrading, and construction of houses, additions, decks, driveways, and commercial or industrial buildings. If you want to work in a wetland resource area or within 100 feet of a wetland (an area called the buffer zone), contact the Conservation Commission before you start work.

If you are unsure whether your proposed work site is in a resource area or whether the work will alter a resource area, you can apply for a Request for Determination of Applicability. If the Conservation Commission determines that the work will alter a resource area, you must file an application, called a Notice of Intent (NOI), and pay an application fee.

Information about the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act can be found here:


Information on the Massachusetts River Protection Act can be found here:

Use the links below to go to the forms you need. Read the breif explination of the form to determine which one you might need. Each header is a link to the form it denotes.

WPA Form 1: Request for Determination of Applicability 

This process enables the applicant to seek a determination of whether the provisions of the Wetlands Protection Act apply to a particular land area, determine the boundaries of a wetland resource area, or other circumstances under which proposed work would be regulated by the Act.

 WPA Form 3: Notice of Intent 

The Wetlands Protection Act prohibits the removal, dredging, filling, or altering of wetlands without a permit. A Notice of Intent is required to obtain such a permit.  This form is also available for electronic filing via eDEP Online Filing  . NOTE: Applicants for Ecological Restoration Limited Projects cannot use eDEP and must attach Appendix A to their submittal. Revised April 2015 to include riverfront-area impact for coastal resource areas.  

WPA Form 7: Extension Permit for Order of Conditions   

This form records the approved extension of an unexpired Order of Conditions.

Wetlands Protection Act Emergency Certification Form   

Certification for work in a resource area resulting from a natural disaster or other emergency.